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DSO Walk Delaware

For many years, DSO has offered the free Walk Delaware Program.

Thousands of Senior Delawareans have signed up for Walk Delaware. Its challenge is to walk a distance equal to the combined length and width of Delaware which is 131 Miles in one yearís time.

People join the program by completing a registration card. At that, time they would decide if they wanted to walk the distance or to optionally, run, bike or swim equivalent distances. There are 3 certificate levels. The distances, to be completed in a 12-month period, for each certificate level, are:

WALK 131 250 450
BIKE 500 990 1750
RUN 250 500 900
SWIM 50 95 175

Participants Walked Over 25,000 Miles!

Walking is a great way to exercise. It requires no special equipment, no special location, can be done at whatever pace the individual is comfortable with and it is FREE.

Walking is part of the Senior Group Challenge as well as Walk Delaware. During the period of November, 2008 through October, 2009, the participants of Senior Group Challenge and Walk Delaware walked over 25,000 miles. That is more than the distance around the world.

A big round of applause for all these walkers for a job well done!!

They then record their distances in a provided log book and, when the required distance had been recorded, send in a card notifying DSO of their completion. They then receive a new log book, a certificate and a decorative pin to commemorate their accomplishment.

Registration and Log Book

Cover and Back pages - meant to be folded.

Registration Sheet

Log book pages

For more information, please contact:

Sunday Hikes

Sunday Hikes has been part of the "Walk Delaware Program " for several years. The name has been changed to "DELAWARE EASY STRIDERS"

Easy Striders

Contact Pete Gisler: at 302-945-7302 or petegis@mac.com or visit the DELAWARE EASY STRIDERS website for more information.

Hike Locations: Master Map

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