Wii Bowling

The results for the 2014 DSO Wii Bowling:

Kandler, Lorene Average 189 1st

Colgate, Dolores Average 189 1st

McKernan, Mary Average 160 2nd

Stargatt, Barbara Average 124 3rd

Knehnetsky, Tamara Average 175 2nd

Ridgway, Catherine Average 162 3rd

Ruddick, Joyce Average 156

Weaver, LaVerne Average 225 1st

Kandler, Gilbert Average 186 1st

Schmitz, William Average 167 1st

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Wii Bowling

Wii Bowling

Coordinator Information:

DSO Volunteer Sports Coordinators organize and set up event competitions, and are knowledgeable in their specific sports.

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Training Opportunities:

Find Wii Bowling and more at:

  • Senior Centers
  • Physical Therapist Centers
  • Get you own. The bowling game comes with the Wii game system
  • Don't forget the grand kids! It's a great way to spend time with your family.

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