Men's Volleyball

Held September 7th, 2013 at Delaware State University in Dover.

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On Saturday, September 7th, 59 men aged 50 to 84 competed in our Annual Men's Volleyball tournament.

There were 8 teams (2 in each age group 50+, 60+, 65+ & 70+) in 2 pools of 4 teams each. Every team played 3 sets (games) with each of the other 3 teams in their pool.

PA Spike Force 50s, captained by Jeff Stubblefield, dominated the younger pool winning 8 of 9.

The Cats Meow 60s, captained by Ken Wortham, won the 60+ group and had a 7 -2 record, losing only to the PA 50s team.

In the older pool, MAC PAC 70s (Denny Moore, captain) and DE Spike Force 65s (Phil Klabunde, captain) both had 7 & 2 records and won their respective age groups, with MAC PAC overall pool winners having taken 2 of 3 from DE Spike Force 65s.

All of the scores are shown in the 2 scoreboards below:

Phil Klabunde

Coordinator Information

Phil Klabunde– Men's Volleyball Coordinator

Phil Klabunde has been the Men's Volleyball Coordinator since 1992. He runs the DSO Annual Games Men's Volleyball Tournaments plus 1 2 Regional Men's Volleyball Tournaments which are generally held on the first Sundays of March and May at the AI DuPont High School.

When school is in session, he conducts scrimmage sessions on Thursday evenings at Anna P. Mote ES.

Phil has played in 38 national championships, leading teams to 3 Gold medals in 2011 at the USA Volleyball National Championships in Dallas, the National Senior Games in Houston, and the Huntsman World Senior Games in St George, Utah.

CONTACT INFO: Phone: 302-998-7690, Email:

Training Opportunities:

Men's Volleyball

Year-round volleyball activities for senior men:

1. Mornings – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Hockesin PAL – when school is in session – from 9 am until 11:30 - $3 per session.

2. Thursday evenings – at Anna P. Mote ES – 6:30pm – 9:30pm – when school is in session. $3.00 per person per night – check with Phil Klabunde for possible closure due to school activities.

3. . Mornings – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at St John the Beloved (Milltown Rd) from 9 am to noon - during the summer

4. Regional Men's Volleyball Tournaments at AI DuPont High School – generally held 1st Sunday in March and May for teams 45 years of age and above – check with Phil Klabunde or DSO website for current info.(Dates not set yet for 2013)

NOTE: the Hockessin PAL games are Co-Ed and open to adults over 21 years of age. Anna P. Mote scrimmages are open to adult men 45 years of age and above. St John summer is coed.