Bill Moyer

2013 Triathlon was held on June 29, in Participation with the Bricks MultiSport Team Invitational Triathlon, Lake Como, Smyrna, DE.

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Bill Moyer

Coordinator Information

Bill Moyer, competed in the 2010 Greater Atlantic Multisport Series (GAMS) sponsored by Piranha Sports. The GAMS consists of 12 triathlon/duathlon competitions that were held between March and October, 2010 in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bill completed all of the Piranha events—9 triathlons, 3 duathlons—in the 65—69 age group category and finished first (8) or second (4) in all races. He also finished first in the Delaware Senior Olympics and St. Andrews Triathlons.

Bill earned enough points in 2010 to come in second place overall of all age groups in the GAMS. There were approximately 1,200 competitors. He is also a member of Team Bricks of Team Bricks Multisport, which is a local triathlon training group.

Bill is a member of the Delaware Senior Olympics Board of Directors.

Triathlon is a multisport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession over various distances.

The Senior Olympics event is "Sprint Triathlon" which is usually a 1/4 to 1/3 mile swim, 16 mile bike ride, and 3.2 mile run.

Time for the event includes the transitions from swim to bike and bike to run. Although most people new to triathlons are familiar with each leg of the event, it is the proficiency in the transitions that is also an important factor in the competition and requires practice and attention to detail.

For more information on Triathlons, please contact Bill at or 302-678-1165.

Training Opportunities:

Do you want to “warm up” before the Senior Olympics? Here are some websites for any competitors interested in doing a triathlon before the Senior Olympics: