Delaware Senior Olympics Swim Meet was held on October 3rd, 2014 at the Central Delaware YMCA, Dover, DE.

Events Included:

  • 200 Freestyle
  • 100 Yard Butterfly
  • 50 Yard Backstroke
  • 200 Individual Medley
  • 100 Yard Breaststroke
  • 100 Yard Individual Medley
  • 200 Yard Breaststroke
  • 100 Yard Freestyle
  • 200 Yard Backstroke
  • 50 Yard Butterfly
  • 50 Yard Freestyle
  • 50 Yard Freestyle -- Novice
  • 100 Yard Backstroke
  • 50 Yard Breaststroke
  • 500 Freestyle

View the 2014 Meet Results and New Records

(There are several pages in this PDF. Please scroll down to view all of the results.)

DSO Swimming Highlights

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The SUPER SET is an exciting way for Masters Swimmers (and of course Senior Olympics Swimmers as well) to create goals on the way to achieving physical fitness. Interval training can improve cardiovascular endurance by increasing the total work (yardage/speed) while decreasing the rest needed between swims.

Pacific Masters Swimming has developed a set of 10 x 100 yards freestyle repeats for the SUPER SET. A swimmer should be able to complete all 10 of the 100-yard swims at the selected interval before attempting a more difficult interval. There are six levels of difficulty identified by the color. The intervals are designed for the majority of fitness swimmers, especially those who do not measure their fitness changes by participating in swimming meets. The SUPER SET can be managed by a coach or by the swimmer who does not have a coach. The SUPER SET should be used as a motivation/evaluation tool, not a part of regular daily workouts. A maximum of one or two attempts per month seems to be a good guideline for using the SUPER SET to measure progress.

The times for each SUPER SET represent the interval on which you must start each of the 10, 100-yard swims. For example, women 55-59 seeking to master the green SUPER SET must begin each 100-yard swim every two minutes. Your rest will be determined by how quickly you swim the 100 yards.

Six Levels of Achievement

super set women super set men

Coordinator Information

Marie Neaves Chip Hanning

Marie Neaves and Chip Hannig – Swimming Coordinators

Marie "Chris" Neaves joined the Delaware Senior Olympics in 2004. She has participated twice in the swimming competition at the National Senior Games - 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA and 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA where she earned a gold, silver, and bronze. She is a member of U.S. Masters Swimming.

In 2009 she joined the Board of Directors of Canal Aquatics, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing a state-of-the-art public aquatic facility to the Middletown area.

Marie serves on the Delaware Senior Olympics Board of Directors.

Keep swimming!!

Chip Hannig competed in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim on June 14, 2009. Chip finished 16th of 54 in the Men's 50—54 age group. Chip is also the Head Coach of the Salesianum School Swim Team.

Swimming is one of the finest sports for seniors; it is aerobic, builds endurance, strengthens legs, arms and heart, promotes flexibility and does all this without the injury-causing impact common in many sports.

Competitions are grouped by age and sex.

There are 15 events offered at the annual swim meet.

Contact Info: Marie Neaves: Phone: 302-378-2654, Email: christiane.neaves@gmail.com Chip Hannig: Phone: 302-478-3547, Email: cakehannig@aol.com

Training Opportunities:

Coordinators: Please email training and practice opportunities to the Webmaster


If you know of others let us know.

Are you a little bored with just swimming laps? Want to swim with others? Have a Coach put you through your paces? Maybe one of these programs is for you.

Western YMCA

Masters Swim Team

Coached workout for Ages 19-90+ . For serious swimmers, triathletes and any swimmer interested in an organized, coached workout in the pool. Three lanes will be available for the beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 7:00 – 8:15 PM Deric Clinton, Aquatic Director 302-709-9622 dclinton@ymcade.org

Sussex YMCA


An organized workout designed to help improve fitness, personal Goals and techniques in a “practice” atmosphere. Lap Swimmers, Triathletes, Masters Swimmers all welcomed. Tuesday & thurs 10-11 am Lauri Weeks, Aquatic Director lschmierer@ymcade.org 302-296-9622

Central YMCA, Wilmington

Masters &Trihards

Geared toward the adult swimmer who wishes to stay motivated, learn new techniques and build strength and endurance. Enjoy swimming with a coach and in a team environment! M & W 7:30-8:45 pm Mike Vanzant, Aquatic Director 302-254-9622 mvansant@ymcade.org

Brandywine YMCA

BRY Master’s Swim Team

Both the competitive and non-competitive swimmer will gain from the BRY Master’s program. Led by Joan Spaarks, a masters swimmer herself, participants will be provided with structured and challenging practices.

M, W, F – Aerobic Training 6:30-7:30 am

Light Cond. & Technique 7:00-8:30 am

Aerobic Training or Technique, 7:00-8:30 am