Women's Softball

2013 Women's Softball was held on September 28th, at Schutte Park, Dover, DE.

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DSO 2013 Women’s Softball Tournament

The results are in for the 2013 DSO Softball Tournament held on September 28, 2013, in perfect weather. The Nor’easters 55 went undefeated taking first place in their division. The Sea Gals from Delaware and the Cougars from Connecticut tied for first place in their division. The Alley Cats finished second and the Delaware Diamonds finished third in the 50s division. It was an exciting tournament with two extra inning games. Congratulations to all the players, coaches and teams who participated.

Bonnie Strang

DSO Women's Softball Coordinator


Nor’easters 55




Sea Gals

DE Diamonds

DE Diamonds

Alley Cats

Alley Cats

Bonnie Strang

Coordinator Information

Dr. Bonnie Strang is the Women's Softball Coordinator for the Delaware Senior Olympics. Bonnie competes in badminton, pickleball and women's softball. She has competed in the National Senior Games in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 and the Huntsman Games, Utah, 2008-2013 in women's softball and badminton. She is a member of the Golden Gals of Florida who won the Gold medal in softball in the 2011 and 2013 National Senior Games.

Bonnie is an instructor in the Widener University softball clinics for girls 8-18. These highly recommended clinics are under the direction of Fred Dorhman, varsity softball coach WU. If interested in learning more about participating in these clinics, please contact Dr. Strang. Bonnie participated in the 2013 Phillies Phantasy Camp where former big league players give instruction in all aspects of baseball. Seven games were played at the spring training complex and Bright House Field in Florida. It was a fantastic experience.

For 41 years, Dr. Strang was a band director and instrumental music teacher in the Ridley School District, PA. Bonnie is a graduate of West Chester University (B.S. and M.Ed.) and Widener University (D.Ed.).

Women's Softball:

Any woman, 50 years of age or older of any ability level is welcome and encouraged to participate in softball. There are currently five 50+ teams and two 60+ teams. Membership is based on age. Most teams practice and play games during the spring and summer months.

For more information on Women's Softball, please contact Bonnie at Bonnie.strang@comcast.net or (610) 565-1515

Training Opportunities:

New Castle County/Kent County

Blue Chicks 50+

bullet Grace Alexander, Manager grace.alexander@state.de.us

Blue Chicks 55+ and Blue Chicks 65+

bullet Paula Klemm, Manager 302 -834-9239 klemmpa@hotmail.com

Sussex County

bullet Rina Pellegrini 215-620-1266 rpelle6469@gmail.com

Anyone interested in more information concerning the Sussex County league should contact Rina Pellegrini, the Program Leader, at rpelle6469@gmail.com.


Beach Cleats

bullet Michelle Lee, Captain

Shore Sharks (45+)

bullet Kit Ryan, Captain 302-226-2712 kitryan55@msn.com

Sand Crabs (45+)

bullet Vicky Devictorio, Captain

Delaware Alley Cats (50+)

bullet Maureen White, Captain 302-349-4379 mwhite@ jamooredevelopment.com

Delaware Diamonds 50s (50+)

bullet Debbie Estes, Captain 302-644-7220 vacation@lazyl.net

Blue Herons (50+)

bullet Sharon Kanter, Captain

Sea Gals

bullet Marcia Howe, Captain