Race Walk

race walk

The 1500 Meter Race Walk was held September 22nd, 2013 at Delaware State University, Dover, DE

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Bud Mackey

2007 Delaware Senior Olympian

Sports are in his jeans...

Walter B. “Bud” Macky is 100 years old (5/28/07) and is shown just winning the race walk, 1500 meter, gold medal. He lives in Milford, Delaware, and is the son-in-law of a distinguished Delaware athlete, Don Fisher (tennis, pole vault, other track events).

Coordinator Information:

DSO Volunteer Sports Coordinators organize and set up event competitions, and are knowledgeable in their specific sports.

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Training Opportunities:

Free Training Clinics

Race Walking, Chi Running and Chi Walking - July 21, 2012 From 10am – Noon.

Race Walk

Come out and get some training and improve your skills before the 2012 competition and 2013 National Games in Cleveland, OH.

The clinic will be conducted by the Race Walk Coordinator, Ed Gawinski.

Chi Walking and Chi Running

Come out and learn something new.

They combine the aspects of Tai Chi with running and walking to decrease impact and chances of injury while using less energy to perform these activities.

The clinic will be conducted by Marisa Leva, Certified Chi Running and Chi Walking Instructor.


Both clinics will be conducted in the parking lot of the Modern Maturity Senior Center, 1121 Forrest Avenue, Dover, DE 19904.

To better organize the clinics, please RSVP to the DSO office, if you are planning to attend.

Phone: 302-736-5698, Toll Free: 888-881-6128

Email: admin@DelawareSeniorOlympics.org

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