Women's Basketball

women's basketballDelaware Senior Olympics Women's Basketball was held at the PAL Gym, in Hockessin, DE October 27th, 2012.

2012 Results

Barbara Dunn

Coordinator Information

Barbara Dunn Women's Basketball Coordinator

Barbara Dunn competes in Volleyball, Badminton and Pickleball. She also serves as a Director on the DSO Board of Directors.

Barbara also finds time, in her busy schedule, to Chair the committees for the Annual Picnic and Awards Dinner.

Women's Basketball

Looking for fun? Women's Basketball is played on half-court by two teams of three players each.

Playing time is two halves of 10 minutes each.

You can practice by yourself or with a group. All you need is a desire and a basket and a ball!

Contact Info: Phone: 302-654-7075

Training Opportunities:

Coordinators: Please email training and practice opportunities to the Webmaster