Baseball was held on September 28th, at Banning Park, Wilmington, DE

2013 Baseball Results

From the Coordinator:

The national organization (baseball league) we belong to has agreed to host the first ever baseball tournament for players 75 and over. Since I have been the advocate for increasing the age groups ever since I started the 50+ in 1993, I feel I need to be part of this effort. I thought I had plenty of players but many have fallen victim to injury or have other plans. To date, I only have seven committed.

The tournament will be from Tuesday, Oct 22 through Saturday, Oct 26 and will be held in Phoenix, AZ. We will play one, nine inning game per day. It is regular baseball with some exceptions designed to maximize participation. For instance, if we have 12 guys, we can bat all 12. The one big difference is if the batter hits the ball to the outfield, he cannot be thrown out at first base. We can also have courtersy runners for those that need it.

I know your guys have only been playing softball but that was true of all of us before we got back into baseball. I do not beleive it is a big negative if they have not been playing baseball. The speed of 75 year old pitchers is probably not greater than 40 MPH.

If you have anyone that is interested and can get away for that period of time, please let me know. If they are just a little too young, I can probably get a waiver for them.

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John DeBenedictis

Coordinator Information

John DeBenedictis is the Baseball Coordinator for Delaware Senior Olympics

John graduated from Atlantic City High School, NJ, and earned three degrees from Drexel University.  He played amateur baseball in the Roberto Clemente Athletic League and the Camden County, NJ, league until his mid thirties. 

John organized a Delaware team to compete in the baseball event at the 1997 National Games in Tucson, AZ.  The sport was introduced as an exhibition sport that year and the Delaware team won the Gold medal.

John is the founder and President of the Tri-State 48+/55+ Senior Baseball League, LLC.  In 2011, the league fields 11 teams in the 48+ division and 11 teams in the 55+ divisions.  The league will start April 2, 2011 and run thru early October, 2011.

John serves on the DSO Board of Directors.

If you are interested in participating in the Annual Games, you do not have to belong to a team.  Just sign up and teams will be formed.

For more information contact John DeBenedictis at 302-376-3739 or

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