Delaware Senior Olympics Badminton was held at October 29th, 2014 at Mid-County Senior Center, Wilmington, DE

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John Jurjans

Coordinator Information

John Jurjans Badminton Coordinator

John Jurjans is the Sport Coordinator for Badminton. John, a semi-retired engineering supervisor, lives in Odessa with his wife. John has 4 children.

John has been active in badminton for 36 years. His partner is 90-year old Dick Reed.

Badminton: A fast-moving racket sport that involves singles or doubles players.

It is similar to tennis, though a shuttlecock is used instead of a ball.

Badminton courts are shallower and the net is set higher.

Scoring is accomplished on a single point basis with 21 usually concluding the match.

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