DSO 2010 Outstanding Volunteer

wrede volunteer award

Steven Wrede and Evan Wrede

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Steve got roped into volunteering in cycling when his Dad, Ray began participating in DSO's first cycling event. After Ray passed away in 1994, Steve began conducting the time trial events and has been doing it ever since. He was instrumental in obtaining the use of Dover Downs for the event moving it from its original site at the Delaware Fire School. Each year he takes a day away from his business, All Seasons Nursery, to run the time trials and even brings a few of his employees to help. He spends many hours preparing for the event by making the lists needed so that all goes smoothly on the day of competition.

Evan began helping in 2000. He is the steady hand that holds the competitors bikes until they receive the "go" signal.Both Steve and Evan also make sure that the track is free of debris before the races begin and help with the medal ceremonies. Although Steve is old enough to compete and Evan says maybe in 14 years, they both currently enjoy cycling for fun and enjoyment.

For their tireless efforts to make the cycling time trials a super experience for all competitors DSO awards Steve and Evan Wrede with its 2010 Outstanding Volunteer Awards.