DSO 2011 Outstanding Athlete

Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr

Outstanding Athlete Award

Jim began competing in the Delaware Senior Olympics in 1994 and has competed every year since.  He has participated in bowling, golf and softball.  In bowling Jim has competed in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.  In his first year competing Jim won two gold medals and a silver.  In 2005 Jim won the gold medal in all three events singles, doubles and mixed doubles.  In 2010 he won a gold and silver and in 2011 a gold in mixed doubles and bronze in both singles and doubles in DSO competition.

Jim competed in softball at the National Senior Games in Hampton Roads.  At the National Senior games in Pittsburgh, he won the gold medal in bowling singles setting a national record in the 70-74 age group with 735 series while also competing in softball.  He competed in the National Senior Games in Louisville and won a fifth place ribbon in mixed doubles despite still recovering from an early summer auto accident.  Jim earned bronze medals in doubles bowling at the National Senior Games in both Palo Alto in 2009 and in Houston in 2011.   Jim bowls in three local leagues and one travel league.  He has bowled several 279 games and has also bowled a 792 series.

Jim served as a member of the Delaware Senior Olympics Board of Directors for ten years and continues to serve as the Coordinator for Golf.

For his notable achievements on the State and National levels in bowling singles, doubles and mixes doubles, DSO recognizes Jim Kerr with its Outstanding Athlete Award.